Starlight Study

The day began with a workshop on how to discover exoplanets in which the students simulated the dimming of light caused by the transit of an exoplanet in front of a star and then used data from the Kepler Telescope to calculate the period of the orbit of a known exoplanet.

The workshop was followed by a quick lunch and a chance to explore the Weller Astronomy Galleries which are full of interactive exhibits, from building a space probe to examining light from different stars, and of course the obligatory trip to the gift shop.

The students were then taken up to the digital space for a masterclass on the Galaxies and Cosmology which looked at the changing structure of galaxies from the big bang through to the current day in which the students learnt some fascinating facts about the Supermassive Black Holes that lie at the centre of every galaxy. 

This was quickly followed by a planetarium show that took the students on a journey from the centre of our Solar System to the very edges of the universe and also took them back 13.8 billion year into the past. We then rounded of the day with a short trip up the tiny spiral staircase to the historical Meridian Telescope and a very wet opportunity for some photos on the Prime Meridian.

A fascinating and insightful day was had by all involved and everyone left a new sense of how big the universe actually is.

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