RICWW – What’s Been Going On?

Year 11 Film studies have been undergoing activities with Jenny that involve taking photos around the house to create a mood-board reflecting the aesthetics of ‘Attack of Block’ – the film which they are studying for the Exam work.

In Geography students are using their daily walks and gardens to create their weekly field studies, taking on board a range of both physical geography and human geography. This has allowed them to have screen breaks and still engage with their studies.

In addition to this, in order to lift spirits in a year 12 lesson, Nadine ‘creatively’ utilised her child’s puppets and cardboard box theatre to create a “Punch and Judy” style puppet show starring Ronald Trunk and Olaf Nutin discussing Russia increasing gas supply and international energy conflict.

In French with year 7s, Nadia has been starting each lesson with a sentence such as “In my town I can go to …” One student then repeats it and adds another section such as “the supermarket”, Another then repeats the first two parts before adding another, and so on until each student has spoken in French. It has been fun and everyone helped the last student to remember parts of it.

Year 9 have started animation with Mark this week, teaching this virtually has been a little more challenging than using the same screen, considering this they have produced some great work. Some of these are featured in our ‘Lock Down TV’ Vimeo series, which is due to be on our Youtube channel soon. Episode one also includes mini tutorials for various activities & skills!

In Graphics Sarah & Joe have been completing a live brief with the year 10s. They were briefed before the Easter break online, as part of this they have been creating some great work in the style of various illustrators taking influence from their work to produce their own designs for the theme of West End London. The brief is staying under the raider for now but all will be revealed in the near future!

Sarah has also been using the last few minutes of their lessons on a Friday to host ‘Fun Fact Fridays’, leaving them with a fact of the day to explore over the weekend – Last week “The giant squid has the largest eyes in the animal kingdom”.

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