Pigging Out on Festive Fun

At the end of November a group of students set off to Montgomery Court ready to deck the halls, getting it ready for the residents, and kicking off the Christmas spirit.

Following this our Community learning group made a Christmas tree out of A LOT of old plastic bottles, plastic bags, some sticks from the gardens, a stray hoola-hoop and some chicken wire. Bringing colour to our Lower School entrance it certainly has been getting a lot of well deserved attention. The final product exhibits the time and energy that went into creating it.We also had another new festive friend at RIC this year – Our new Christmas Flying pig, who is sitting proudly next to our amazing bottle tree. 

Our boarders have also been getting into the Christmas spirit with a range of themed dinners prepared by their fellow students. Starting with a Thai themed dinner which was enjoyed by all back in November, prepared by our Thai scholars. In December they enjoyed trips to Bluewater for shopping and ice skating as well as a shopping trip to London. They have experienced both a traditional Christmas dinner alongside their fellow day students as well as an Italian themed Christmas dinner which was prepared by our Italian students for our borders. 

To finish the term off our year seven students sang a French Christmas song, before staff joining them to sing their chosen carol to sing as a collective. Also within the last week of term we held our Christmas fair in the Lower School which really did bring us the true spirit of Christmas. From Mince Pies and Mulled Wine, Homemade gifts and bakes and fun games for the littluns it was an evening of family fun and festivities. 
Overall a very festive term.

Merry Christmas to all from the Staff & Students at RIC! 

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