Intrepid Explorers in Geography

Following Easter, Year 8 Geographers investigated Photosynthesis in plants, measuring tree circumferences, tree height calculations using the tangent method, tree density and plant leaf analysis. Meanwhile, as part of their core unit on The Carbon Cycle, year 12 A’Level Geography used similar methods applied to a complex series of calculations to discover exactly how much carbon a tree in their garden has absorbed. Students were challenged to put their practical skills to use by creating a clinometer out of a straw, a bolt, a protractor and string, and for a very creative tape measure for those that didn’t have any a belt and a ruler! It has been wonderful to see students use their intuition and embrace the challenge.

“its been really fun and interesting to do”.

Year 12 Student

Following this, year 8 have ‘travelled’ further afield to Birmingham, UK and The Magic City, Birmingham, Alabama, USA via Google Earth, completing an environmental impact assessment to judge which Birmingham was best. Interestingly, Birmingham, UK won by a majority as students preferred the familiarity of the environment- or was it because Cadburys chocolate was established there….
Fantastic effort to all involved, both Year 8 and 12 and internationally!

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