Five Tips for Mindfulness

  1. Start with your breath
    Notice how your breath feels as it travels in and out of your body. Notice where you free it most strongly and try to keep your attention on this sensation for one whole breath. Your chest rising and decreasing, the pause between each breath. Be curious, we have an amazing machine.
  2. Do not lose patience with yourself
    You are learning a new skill, so don’t expect to be able to do it instantly…. could you perform a perfect pirouette right now? Maybe if you have trained for a long time!) But  No, you’d have to start with the small movements and progress. Mindfulness is no different. 
  3. Focus on your mind 
    Your mind has a tendency to wander and tell a story but remember this is normal. Gently and with patience and repetition bring your attention back to your breath, or your feet on the floor, always anchoring yourself. The point at which you realise your attention has wandered is the point at which you’re really being mindful, you’re noticing where your mind is, and that’s mindfulness. 
  4. It’s not all about ‘meditation’
    We can be mindful in daily life, try keeping your attention on the body sensations you can feel when you do small tasks. How does the water feel when you shower? How does it really feels when you brush your teeth? What can you taste, smell? Try to eat slowly and let all the savour in your pallet release slowly and enjoy everything that is happening, start with a piece of chocolate! Or a fruit? or even noticing how you walk!
  5. Gratitude is a big part of mindfulness
    When you when wake up or go to bed, think of 3 things in your day you are grateful for. It could be something as simple as seeing a funny shaped cloud that made you smile, or something bigger. Then try adding this to your daily life. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve smiled at a raindrop running down the window, or a rainbow in the sky. I used to smile internally at these things but now I actively notice them and outwardly smile, and it’s become a natural thing to do. And the more I smile, the more I want to smile. It is proven “Gratitude makes you happy”.

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