Boarders’ Diwali Dinner

Themed Dinner Wed 16th October:

Diwali or Festival of the Lights is an important Hindu festival celebrated in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Our boarders from these countries volunteered to help cooking delicious and tasty korma and biriyani dishes with the help of kitchen staff and Manjit, the College’s Examinations Officer, in order to give our boarders a “taste of Diwali”.  The dining hall was decorated with coloured fairy lights, tea lights candles, bunting and posters showing pictures of the festival in those countries.

Needless to say, all boarders who attended dinner were very enthusiastic about trying all the food on display at the counter and they complimented and even went back for a second portion! We have now inaugurated the season of “international themed dinners” at RIC. Stay tuned for the next one which will be Thai.

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