We had the pleasure of hosting Positively Mad at the college today who delivered three workshops for various year groups. They kicked off with an interactive and reflective personal development workshop focusing on up-skilling students for our Year 7s-9s. They then delivered an Exam Busters workshop for our year 11s to empower students with exam preparation tips, revision tools and stress management techniques. Finishing the day off with an immersive Super Speed Study Skills workshop for year 10 which inspired students to take control of their studying.

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Invicta Maths Challenge

A group of students from year 10 and 11 participated in the Invicta Secondary Team Maths Challenge which was hosted at Invicta Grammar School in Maidstone on Tuesday 19th November 2019 . One of our two teams came in 3rd place out of the twelve participating teams.

The competition consisted of four rounds, the format very similar to that of the Regional and Final Team Maths Challenge hosted by the UK Maths Trust every year.

  • Round 1 consisted of 15 worded problem solving questions
  • Round 2 involved puzzles with missing numbers in squares
  • Round 3 consisted of 11 mathematically challenging problem solving questions
  • Round 4 was a ‘relay’ problem solving task during which students had to find the solution to a problem which represented the value of a letter. Students then had to use the values of previous letters in subsequent problems in order to find the following solutions. 

The students demonstrated great team work skills and they had to rely on each others’ strengths in order to solve the problems which were from various areas of mathematics.

Congratulations to Eric, Catharine, Crystal, Justin, Nina, Neal, Jerry and William who will be participating in the national UKMT Team Maths Challenge in March 2020..

A Day Out In Margate

The year 11 Art and Photography students ventured out of the college and headed off to sunny (rainy) Margate. The sun was definitely not shining but we headed out with our jackets on and cameras at the ready, in search of lots of intersecting research and material for their personal projects.

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Year 11 Geography Coursework Visit

On Tuesday 5th March Year 11 Geography students made their way to Reculver, Herne Bay to undertake fieldwork for their unit three coursework assessment. With individual hypothesis selected and refined, students spent the day carrying out a range of data collection techniques including wave frequency counts, cliff recession measurements and beach profiles, ready to analyse back at college. Thankfully the bright and sunny weather held out for the duration of the visit and students returned to college with a wealth of data to support their GCSE coursework assignments.

RIC does Bugsy Malone

The Drama Department will be presenting the College’s first ever Musical Theatre Production, Bugsy Malone at the Brook Theatre, Chatham on Tuesday 26 March and Thursday 28 March 2019. Tickets will be free of charge and available to book via Eventbrite – just click on your chosen date. We hope that as many of our students, staff and parents will be able to attend – with a fabulously talented student led cast as well as a full accompanying band this promises to be a truly fabulous, splurge-tastic event!

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