Lower School Taster

Yesterday at RIC, 30 year 5 and year 6 students came to visit us from local schools for our Summer Lower School Taster Day. They were divided into small ‘RIC size’ classes and their timetables included a diverse range of lessons including musical maths, history detectives, screen printing textiles, media studies and even psychology. One student commented “It’s great, we learned about the brain and how our brain can play tricks on us!”.

They ended the day in Underhill Hall where their parents joined them for a cream tea and an open rehearsal of the Little Shop of Horrors. This is our annual drama performance which was postponed in 2020. This will now take place in February 2022 at the Central Theatre in Chatham.

RIC Photo of the Month: Feb

Our RIC Photo of the month was back for round two and in February we kept the choice of two themes, this time – ‘Family’ and ‘Texture’.

Well done to everyone who entered, all entries have been judged by our very own Michael Daks, under three categories – Lower School, Sixth Form and Staff it was a bit of fun for everyone, as well as a chance to get some fresh air at the same time – See the entries below.

You are all winners! Michael said “it was nice to see so much creativity during lockdown!”

RIC Winners at ISA London South Arts Comp

GCSE and A level students in Art & Design and Film & Media stormed this year’s Independent Schools Association Arts Competitions scooping five individual wins, three second places and three high commendations. Well done everybody, what a fantastic achievement – we are so proud of you.

The winners now go forward into the National competition later this academic yer.

ISA 2020 – RIC

Film Success for RIC Students

The ISA Film & Digital Art Competition is held annually and is a fantastic opportunity to showcase both creative and technical skills to produce art works in the digital genre by students in independent schools in the UK.
There are three categories: Computer Animation, Short Film and Digital Art.
Two of our Film and Digital Media and Design students were recognised, one as the overall winner in the Key Stage 5 Animation Category and one in third place for the Short Film Category in Key Stage 5.

The ISA praised. the animation, ‘Disconnected’, stating ‘This raw, disturbing animation about the mental health challenges of lockdown contained powerful imagery, twinned with an all-too-relatable cautionary tale about mobile phone obsession. It generated real empathy for the tortured main character, the soundtrack was brutally effective, and it packed a real punch overall. Very impressive work.’

And the praise for the short, ‘Like it is,’ discusses ‘A powerhouse performance, great editing, good use of a single location and props made this a pleasure to watch. I loved the soundtrack and use of animated titles. Full of charm and truly heartfelt.’

KS5 Animation | Short Film

Celebrating the European Language Day

On Friday 25th of September we decorated the school with posters as always, the Graphics department provided us with one made by students. There were also some prints of poems, tongue twisters and  riddles In different languages on the walls, to encourage the students  to pronounce different sounds.


Stay Safe, Stay Well

You will have seen the branded RIC Hand Sanitiser being distributed this week. This has been sourced and supplied from a local brewery, Copper Rivet Distillery (Chatham) who switched from brewing gin to making sanitiser very early on in the lockdown. A brilliant example of local business initiative and RIC is pleased to support this local enterprise, and look forward to a long and safe working relationship with Stephen and the gang at Copper Rivet.

Home Movies

We all need movie recommendations during The Great Lockdown. Where better place to get them that from our Film & Media teachers?

So far we have recommendations from Jenny, David and Mark. Which films do you like? Which of these will you check out?

Jenny’s list: http://ricfilmandmedia.co.uk/2020/04/03/our-favourite-films-part-1/

David’s list: http://ricfilmandmedia.co.uk/2020/04/08/our-favourite-films-part-2/

Mark’s list: http://ricfilmandmedia.co.uk/2020/04/20/our-favourite-films-part-3/

Visit www.ricfilmandmedia.co.uk for further recommendations from the film team!

To Boldly Go…

As part of Science Week, RIC Lower School students yesterday reached for the stars and experienced the wonder of the universe at Greenwich Royal Observatory and Planetarium.

Students explored the museum and discovered secrets of The Moon, how the universe was formed and space travel – all explained through a series of impressive and interactive displays.

Once their appetite had been whetted by this dazzling array of information, students were treated to an amazing display in the Planetarium.  The sun, moon and stars came to life over our heads and we were launched towards the heavens and explored incredible footage of supernovae and black holes before being brought back to Earth with an excellent question and answer session.

Students made the most of the wonderful views over Greenwich Park before heading back to college, the wonders of the universe still fresh in their minds.

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