European Commission

On the 3rd of October A Level Politics and Economics students visited Europe House, home to the European Commission Office in London. Essentially, the EU’s embassy in the UK where European Parliament MEPs as well as Commissioners house their delegations.   

Students were invited to take part in an interactive lecture and workshop to discuss not only the endeavours of the Commission and other European institutions but also the ubiquitous theme of Brexit. In an open discussion, Britain’s relationship with the EU was explored, and students were able to get informed about the Brexit process. Emphasis was placed on examining Britain’s close ties to Europe and the difficulty of disentangling 40 years of cooperation. The sight of members of the youthful community at RIC engaging in informed debate on this topic was like a breath of fresh air. 

Perhaps fittingly, overseeing proceedings was an impressive piece of art that resonates with the times. Created by what can be described as a European citizen, the piece was inspired on ‘the human urge to construct and reconstruct order from chaos’. Reminiscent, to an extent, of some of the works around the college, the installation was carved from what the artist noted as ‘humble, discarded items of everyday life’ that would otherwise be finding their way to a waste disposal site.

Toward the end of the workshop, participants’ knowledge of the EU was shown to be greater than that of a sample of MPs and Peers (we were reliably told by our host Sam) as students engaged in a quiz on the European Union.

All in all, the trip was an enjoyable experience for those involved and provided some food for thought to our young and aspiring economists and politically engaged students. 

Biology Olympiad Success

Congratulations to four Year 13 RIC students, Rupert Cochrane-Dyet, Alfie Rutter, Helen Giordano and Devon Winchester, who participated in the Royal Society of Biology’s Olympiad. Rupert achieved a gold medal and Alfie a bronze. Together with almost 10,000 students from schools all over the country, they had to complete two online papers based on the A level syllabus and other Biology knowledge. Well done to all!


Royal society of Biology

Enrichment Talks

Our exciting and compelling Enrichment Programme continues this Spring term with talks from the following speakers:

Thursday 31 January – Peter Tatchell

Thursday 7 February – Professor Tim Luckhurst

Tuesday 5 March – Steve Goldstein

Monday 18 March – Michael Daks

April – Date TBC – Dr Gabriella Gibson


Students, staff and parents all very welcome to attend. Please note that parents must sign in at our visitors entrance at 254 St Margaret’s Banks.

Further information on our visiting speakers can be found here RIC Enrichment Talks – Spring 2019


RIC does Bugsy Malone

The Drama Department will be presenting the College’s first ever Musical Theatre Production, Bugsy Malone at the Brook Theatre, Chatham on Tuesday 26 March and Thursday 28 March 2019. Tickets will be free of charge and available to book via Eventbrite – just click on your chosen date. We hope that as many of our students, staff and parents will be able to attend – with a fabulously talented student led cast as well as a full accompanying band this promises to be a truly fabulous, splurge-tastic event!

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