A Bit of Brain Exercise

Exercising the left side of our brains, the lectures were a series of 3 hosted by Matt Parker, Rob Eastaway – Maths on the back of an envelope, Hannah Fry – Secrets & Lies & Colin Wright – Patterns, Predictions & Juggling. Rob Eastaway spoke about the importance of having an intuitive understanding of numbers and their order of magnitude and gave numerous real-life examples to demonstrate the benefits of mastering basic numeracy and estimation as well as the dangers of not applying mathematics correctly in certain professions. Hannah Fry then went on to talk about programming, artificial intelligence and machine learning and gave examples of recent technological breakthroughs that were achieved as a result of machine learning. Lastly, Colin Wright talked about using patterns to predict phenomena in real life and he used juggling to demonstrate mathematical modelling in action. In the final part of the show, there was an interactive Q & A where one of our students cleverly asked “Was mathematics discovered or invented?” to which one of the hosts on the panel responded with “yes”, implying it was one of both or both.

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