Prestigious Film Award for Anna

Anna Cottrill, a Year 13 Film Studies student, has won the top prize in the ISA Film Competition with her film called ‘Irreversible’ .

The film won best short film in the Key Stage 5 category in the prestigious national competition for film and media students. The film is a non-linear creative short film filled with visual motifs and haunting music written and produced in response to the Eduqas Film Studies A level Component 3 brief: the narrative twist.

Anna, from last year’s cohort, had previously seen her film screened at Nucleus Arts in Chatham and at RIC’s 35 Year of Visual Arts exhibition at Sun Pier House. This competition win confirms that Anna has a winner on her hands. Here’s hoping the film can continue to cause a stir at many more festivals and screenings to come!

Jump into Sport

This term students in years 7-10 have been enjoying trampoline lessons at Jumpers Rebound Centre. Students have learnt how to perform a variety of skills including basic shapes, front and back landings and somersaults. There has been an incredible amount of effort shown by all, with vast improvements in technical ability and linking skills together to form a sequence. It has to be said that the highlight for most was being allowed to jump into the foam pit at the end of each lesson! 

Green Fingers at Abbey Physic Community Garden

Years 7 and 8 visited Abbey Physic Community Garden and took part in workshops designed to promote health and well-being.

The garden, in Faversham, prides itself on being a peaceful refuge from a life outside which may be chaotic or troubled. The benefits that people gain include social connections, self-confidence, physical and emotional well-being.

Year 7 and 8 students took part in 3 workshops; planting seeds, fixing a clay oven and a mental well-being talk near the wonderfully named ‘Happy Cafe’

Our green-fingered students had a wonderful time and we look forward to more gardening adventures in Faverhsam next year!

RIC Filmmakers nominated for Medway Youth Award

Four young filmmakers have been nominated for The Team Award for their work on the short film, ‘Fair Share Note’ that won a recognition trophy in the Bank of England Film Competition.

Scarlett, Maia, Neziah and Libby, all from Year 7, were nominated by Medway Youth Councillor and fellow RIC student Anna McGovern who said “together, they worked so hard to produce this film and I believe that their efforts should be recognised on a local community scale. They came together to create an innovative film in recognition of those with less financial security, which I believe that some may be able to relate to in their lives.”

We look forward to seeing the next thought provoking movie the girls create!

Film Students Premiere Movies at Arts Fest

Film and Media students from RIC will be having their films screened at Arts Fest in Chatham this Saturday 22nd June at 12pm-1pm. 

Short films from RIC Filmmakers group (Years 7-10), short films from A-level Film Studies students and music videos from A-Level Media Studies students will get their big screen debut at Nucleus Arts in Chatham this weekend. 

Come and support our young filmmakers and see the amazing talent we have here at RIC!

Tickets are free and can be booked here:

Digital Leaders Providing e-Safety

A number of students from RIC have qualified as Digital Leaders and are now planning to go into local schools to show children how to stay safe online.

Students from RIC have qualified as Digital Leaders meaning they are able to help others feel safe online.  The students, Ryan (Year 10), Maria (Year 10), Alice (Year 9), Scarlett (Year 7) and Maia (Year 7) were presented with certificates and pin badges to complete their nationally recognised training.

Digital leaders is a national online training and learning platform built to train young people about online safety. 

Students have built skills, expertise and confidence through completing online training during Digital Leader’s club.  All Digital Leaders had to complete the seven core modules, ranging from social media skills to cyberbulling, to qualify as Digital Leaders.

Now students have completed initial training, they will design and deliver a range of activities in school from educating young people to creating educational resources.  This could take the form of educational videos, booklets and talks to other students and parents.

Our leaders are currently devising an educational video and presentation to take into local primary schools to encourage younger students to stay safe online. 

So, if you need any help with online safety, you know who to talk too!

BFI Study Day

Year 10 Film and Media students visited the British Film Institute in London on Thursday 2nd May.

The BFI is the home to British film, putting on a range of national and international cinema, supporters of British film talent and an educational hub for students of film.

The students were taking advantage of the educational benefits of the BFGI by taking part in a BFI GCSE Study Day in preparation for the GCSE Film Studies course.  Students took part in discussions about the Teen film genre and watched clips from films such as Rebel Without A Cause, The Breakfast Club, Juno, Me, Earl and the Dying Girl and Ferris Bueller’s Day off.

Students found the day hugely enjoyable and essential to their forthcoming studies on the Teen film genre. 

RIC Filmmakers Award

RIC Filmmakers have won a trophy for their filmmaking skills in the Bank of England’s BANK, CAMERA, ACTION Film Competition.

Four Year 7 students accepted the challenge to make a fun and creative film around the theme of ‘Money in the Future’ for the national competition.

The young filmmakers came up with the idea of the ‘Fair Share Note’, an idea where people can make a donation to those less fortunate or in need of financial help.  

The judges were clearly impressed and said “ we enjoyed watching your entry, and were impressed by the students’ filmmaking skills in particular. The fact that students produced such a creative film is a great credit to them and they should feel very proud. The judges would like to single your video out for an honourable mention”

The filmmaking team received a trophy and certificates in recognition of their innovative contribution and  hard work.

Keep your eyes peeled for forthcoming films from other members of RIC Filmmakers!

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