A Breath of Fresh Air … Quite Literally

The great outdoors. A place that is not very likely to be a top choice for most teenagers on an early Sunday morning. However after a little nap on the coach for some, the boarders & boarding team arrived at Kingswood Activity Centre, Ashford bright at early for a fun day of boarding activities.

The students were split into mixed groups with varying ages to allow all students to get to know one another. Completing the same four activities throughout the day from problem solving to Jacob’s ladder, a little bit of archery and some teamwork building skills, needless to say there were more naps taken on the journey home, including staff – It turns out trying to get teenagers motivated for a bit of climbing is more tiring than we had thought!

As the saying goes ‘There is no excellence in archery without great labour’ – and how true that is! With a lot of students starting out the activity thinking they wouldn’t even hit the target, that attitude soon changed the more and more competitive they became.

When it came to the Jacob’s ladder – unsurprisingly a lot of the staff took a back seat. The thrill seeking students however were straight up (quite literally), remembering to shout “It’s not Jacob’s ladder, it’s mine!” as they reached the top.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Very evident with the problem solving tasks, some requiring a little more patience than they were expecting. Working together for each obstacle they were challenged with. Carrying on their team working skills for the last activity – It definitely bought them a lot closer.

Overall a fun day out for both. The students came away with new made friendships, skills and a lot more Whatsapp contacts!

Now. Time to get back to their studies.

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