Cornwall 2022 – Student Voice

Here is a short blog post from Rory in Year 7 with accompanying pictures from Finn in Year 9. Thank you both for your contributions.

The days at Cornwall were nothing short of marvellous but now everyone is wondering how we got through the nights. Well, it is quite the story…. 

First there was the knocking on the doors; when answered there would be no one there, haunting after the tales told by Shanty Baba. Then came the whooshing in the walls, the footsteps, the pitter patter of water from seemingly untouched taps. Opening the door to catch the foul spirit off-guard we were met with the sight of… Alex S from Year 8 ready to knock and run. His face on being caught was worth the small amount of terror we had suffered; he ran away frantically knocking on the door of his own room to escape our wrath. I think the teachers thought that organising lots of activities would mean that we would go quietly to sleep at 8pm – alas, this was not the case.

Despite the late night shenanigans we did have a brilliant time and are looking forward to our next adventure with RIC!!!

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