Cornwall 2022 – Final thoughts

Before I hand the blog over to the very capable hands of our students I thought I would take this opportunity to offer some final thoughts and thanks to those involved in the trip.

In other schools I’ve worked in and with other staff teams, the question “do you want to help with a residential trip with fifty 11 to 14 year olds?” is normally greeting by an eerie silence and an uncomfortable shuffling of feet. Not at RIC. I had a plethora of staff volunteers from across the staff team, even when I mentioned (as an aside) that the trip was going to be at the weekend. So my heartfelt thanks go out to Mark, Sonia, Nadia and Sally for helping to make this work, with their tireless efforts over the last few days; the trip would not have succeeded without them. I’m really only putting this is the blog as I find being nice to people to their face hugely challenging.

We are currently making our way along the A303 largely to avoid fuel VAT protests, but also to catch a fleeting glimpse of Stonehenge, a final bit of history and culture at the very end of our trip. Whilst all of the kids have been absolutely brilliant this weekend I would just like to acknowledge one student who has really stood out and excelled during this trip. So let’s have a virtual round of applause for Charlie S in Year 8 who has been an absolute legend this weekend; his enthusiasm, organisation and dry sense of humour has been superb. It would be fair to say that Charlie has been a quiet presence at RIC since he joined during this academic year, but he has truly stepped out of the metaphorical shadows this weekend; well done to him!

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