Cornwall 2022 – Game night and skittles

For our penultimate night in St Ives we headed off to Country Skittles to do some ‘proper bowling’ none of this ‘American nonsense’; the words of our host, not me, I hasten to add. Despite being somewhat bemused by the lack of neon lights, arcade machines and pounding music normally found in bowling alleys in retail parks in Kent and Medway, the students soon embraced the wooden balls and pins; a throwback to, well, I’m not sure to be honest. No electronic scoring system here; just pens, paper and a healthy dose of dishonesty.

On the return to the Cohort the game theme continued with all of the classics; Scrabble, Battleships, Connect 4 and Uno all continued well into the night, with rematches promised for this evening. I’m embarrassed to admit that I was defeated at chess by a Year 8 student; he has been on washing up duty ever since due to his excessive celebrations. I let him win, obviously; no hard feelings.

In a strange turn of events some of our Year 9 boys seem to have befriended a group of local girls. I had no idea that Ethan B and Jacob were so charming!

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