Cornwall 2020 – Eden Project

After a surprisingly quiet night (as far as I’m aware) we headed off across the A30 to the beautiful Eden project in Bodelva this morning. I was lucky enough to visit Eden in the Summer of 2001, at which point the plants and flowers were just seedlings ready to spread their roots and burst into life. Visiting the project 21 years later and seeing the growth and development of the plants, supported by the careful stewardship of the team at Eden was wonderful. A more sentimental chap than myself, would at this point draw a metaphorical comparison between the seeds growing, maturing and flourishing and our students, who have been such great company this weekend. They may even liken the Eden Project to RIC where we hope to nurture and promote potential and growth, with the support of our team; fortunately I am not a sentimental chap and will not indulge in such nonsense…

One of the highlights of the visit is the aerial walkway which hangs suspended from the roof of the jungle biome, the designers of which have helpfully ensured that there is a slight wobble from the suspending wires and that the metal grate flooring very much allows those who undertake this challenge to see the full 150 metre drop to the ground below. Some students handled this with stylish aplomb, striding purposefully along the stairs as if they were simply taking a leisurely Sunday afternoon stroll; others crept along hands firmly gripping each of the handrails with absolute terror in their faces and knuckles white with effort. However they tackled it, it was great to see so many students having another life experience, which they will remember for a long time.

We are now heading back to St Ives to give the students a chance to shop for souvenirs, so it might be worth texting your parental requests now, lest you find yourself with glass domes filled with coloured sand, sea shell sculptures or ‘I love St Ives’ merch, tomorrow evening. Personally, I think fudge is the way forward.

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