Cornwall 2022 – Surfing

What better way to celebrate a relatively tepid English summer’s day than plunging into freezing water? Like a colony of seals off of Zennor our lovely students embraced the salty depths of the ocean like a second home today, plunging into the breaking waves with an abandon that only childhood can allow.

It’s really easy on these sort of things to write generic ‘we did this’ or ‘we did that’ stuff so tonight I thought I’d share the story of the lovely Sam G in Year 9. Sam has been with us since Year 7 and has always been an absolute delight, what I didn’t know is that he has never been in the sea before. Today he donned his wetsuit and got involved with no fear, managing to catch a few waves and almost achieving the elusive board pose. This is the beauty of a residential in microcosm; children doing things which are out of their comfort zone in a safe environment and enjoying experiences which will stay with them forever.

Rather than me rattling on – here are some more pictures..

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