Cornwall 2022

Of course, the first thing you know you’re going to have to deal with on a school trip are the constant inane questions. Does Cornwall have wifi? Am I allowed to bring my iPad? Are we nearly there yet? These are the pitfalls of inviting a Drama Teacher and a French Teacher on a residential.

That being said the morning went surprisingly smoothly; my draconian warnings of leaving people behind clearly struck a chord and all 46 students were settled and ready to go by 6am. In fact one student, who shall remain nameless, arrived at 5am just to be on the safe side yet somehow still managed to be the last on the coach. Our journey was very smooth, like a hot knife through clotted cream, and after a brief stop to feel the full effects of the cost of living crisis at Taunton Services (£4 for an almond croissant) we arrived at the lovely Cohort Hostel at 1:30pm.

After a swift sit down and a bit of orientation we headed straight for the harbour and a dip in the Atlantic. It always amazes me that 46 children can disperse over an area of approximately 10 square miles in about 15 seconds, leaving phones, sliders, t-shirts and towels on the sand like a ship carrying designer gear had just been shipwrecked in the harbour. It was however genuinely heart warming to see the absolute joy and excitement of the kids; it’s been a tough few years with the pandemic limiting all of our freedoms, so today was just brilliant.

I write this as the children are watching the new Minions film at the refreshingly authentic Merlin Cinema in St Ives. We’ll be heading off on our ghost walk once the sun goes down; hopefully we’ve done enough to make them sleep tonight.

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