Mission to Mars

Today some of our students attended the pre-launch of Mission to Mars. Set in the near future, Mission to Mars will be an innovative and imaginative online arts project. Through our virtual journey to a new world, we will am to better understand our own and our place in it. Especially, we aim explore the impact that lockdown has had on our lives over the past year, as well as our world. 

Taking you virtually from bootcamp, to launch, to Mars landing,  the Mission to Mars project will engage with big ideas of sustainability, social justice, isolation, uprootedness and belonging. Join us to develop the creative, academic and life skills to channel your current experiences into a research-based exploration of a near-future life on Mars. The project will span different creative arts – from theatre, to design, to music, to language – as we create content to share our Mission with the rest of the RIC community back on Earth.

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