Film Success for RIC Students

The ISA Film & Digital Art Competition is held annually and is a fantastic opportunity to showcase both creative and technical skills to produce art works in the digital genre by students in independent schools in the UK.
There are three categories: Computer Animation, Short Film and Digital Art.
Two of our Film and Digital Media and Design students were recognised, one as the overall winner in the Key Stage 5 Animation Category and one in third place for the Short Film Category in Key Stage 5.

The ISA praised. the animation, ‘Disconnected’, stating ‘This raw, disturbing animation about the mental health challenges of lockdown contained powerful imagery, twinned with an all-too-relatable cautionary tale about mobile phone obsession. It generated real empathy for the tortured main character, the soundtrack was brutally effective, and it packed a real punch overall. Very impressive work.’

And the praise for the short, ‘Like it is,’ discusses ‘A powerhouse performance, great editing, good use of a single location and props made this a pleasure to watch. I loved the soundtrack and use of animated titles. Full of charm and truly heartfelt.’

KS5 Animation | Short Film

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