Digital Leaders – The Next Generation!

A number of Year 7 students have, this week, embarked upon their Digital Leaders training with the mission of learning how they and others can stay safe online. 

Digital Leaders is a national online training and learning platform built to train young people about online safety.  Students will build skills, expertise and confidence through completing online training during Digital Leader’s club.  All Digital Leaders will complete the seven core modules, ranging from social media skills to cyberbulling, to qualify as Digital Leaders.

Once students have completed initial training, they will design and deliver a range of activities in school from educating young people to creating educational resources.  This could take the form of educational videos, booklets and talks to other students and parents. 

Last year 5 students from RIC qualified as Digital Leaders raking up many training points – making the school a regular visitor to the national leaderboard in the process.  This next generation of trainee digital leaders hope to achieve all this and more! 

All of the new students are very excited about their training  – and just as excited to teach others how to stay safe.

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