That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

A glooming peace this morning with it brings. The sun for sorrow will not show its head.

Actually it’s another glorious day, but the mood in the coach is significantly different to the excitement of Monday morning. Maybe they’re still waking up, maybe they’re planning something; it is eerily quiet.

After our surfing and pizza we had some extremely tired RICies last night; most went straight to bed but a hardcore crew of Dungeons and Dragons devotees played late into the night under the supervision of the Dungeon Master Alex. Those of us not equipped with D&D skills were lulled to sleep by Kylie Minogue’s dulcet tones; as a close personal friend of mine I arranged for her to play at the Eden Project to coincide with our trip.

I genuinely believe that all of our students will remember this weekend for the rest of their lives. Established friendships and bonds have grown stronger; new friendships have developed that will only grow over the next few years. Year 7 have learned that sweets do not constitute a wholesome meal. Year 8 have learned that walking a bit faster means you don’t get left behind. Year 9 have learned that music doesn’t have to be played at levels equivalent to the eruption of Vesuvius.

I want to take this final opportunity to thank all of the staff involved in organising and delivering this trip. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be like a tear laden Oscars speech. Thanks to Kelly for organising and booking everything. Thanks to Gina, Alex, Jenny and Ben for helping ensure everything went smoothly – which it really did! On a personal note I will actually miss writing this Blog – I might have gotten a bit addicted to it.

The most common question I’ve heard today is…. “can we do this again next year?” That says it all really.

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  1. Thank you for the blog posts Leighton and to all of you for organising the trip. Sounds incredible

  2. Leighton thank you for your very insightful and highly entertaining blog. It has been a joy to read! And most of all thank you to you and all the staff for arranging and coordinating such a fantastic trip and giving the kids such amazing experiences. What an awesome time they sound like they’ve all had!

  3. It sounds like the best school trip EVER!! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the blogs, and may miss reading them as much as you may miss writing them Leighton 😂!

  4. Another fantastic experience for the RICies. Thank you to all involved.
    Don’t stop blogging!!

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