Your little angels will soon be returning to the bosoms of their families, so we obviously have to make the most of our last full day in Cornwall. It’s such an important day I felt it was worthy of creating a new word “Penultimality” – it’s the feeling you get on the last day of a holiday; sadness, happiness, nostalgia, reflection. Know what I mean?

This morning our students have been taking part in the Climate Challenge; they have been learning about the creation of the Eden Project and reflecting upon the sustainability of our approach to our natural resources. We are very fortunate at RIC in that we have always had an ecologically engaged student body – hopefully the RICies here today will carry these ideals with them into the wider world.

Incidentally a couple of Year 9 students got a little bit lost (with Jenny and I) so we also had an impromptu look around the Invisible Worlds exhibition. Sometimes we learn more through our mistakes than we do from our deliberate choices.

Take care of yourselves, and each other.

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