Non-Linear Narrative

Every good storyteller knows that it is cool to mess around with your narrative. Don’t just write a beginning middle and end, that is tres gauche (as the French would say), mix it up, start with the end, end with the start. Start in the middle, go to the end via the start and end at the ending or the beginning. If I had a rule book I would have chucked it away. Some people have called me a maverick, I tell those people that I don’t deal in labels. What I would say is that people who insist on doing everything in order are, quite frankly, losers.

Why this mind numbing preamble? Can we just find out what our kids have been doing? These are questions you may ask with justification. Well – there is an absolutely cracking blog coming soon about the surfing, but first I’m blogging about our post-surfing meal/beach/singalong.

We visited the Stable on Fistral Beach, which specialises in fresh pizza. The menu offered a vast array of exotic choices designed to whet the appetite and inspire creative choices. 35 Margheritas later we were ready for a final gambol on Fistral Beach.

Where there is sand and a sunset there is always a bloke with a guitar churning out songs he knows but the kids have never heard of; this evening was no exception. The play list included classics such as “Together in Electric Dreams”, “Dancing Queen” and “Creep”. The RICies were in fine voice and sang their hearts out as the sun sank slowly over the Atlantic. Memorable for all I think.

I think today will live long in the memory of our students and staff. It has been brilliant – proud of every single one of them.

Surfing pictures and blog to come.

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