The Minack

When Brian Pain decided to painstakingly reclaim the overgrown back gardens of Star Hill to create RIC’s award winning garden, he was perhaps channeling the same energy as that exhibited by Rowena Cade when she carved a theatre into the cliff at Porthcurno.

Following a meandering journey through the Cornish greenery, punctuated by the exasperated sighs of an ever so slightly pessimistic driver, we arrived at what must be one of the most awe inspiring performance spaces in the world. I’m not one for superlatives and hyperbole, but it really is the most beautiful theatre ever created in the history of the universe. The mind-boggling expanse of the Atlantic spreads out in the background meaning the performance has to be good to capture and hold the attention of the audience.

Luckily the production was brilliant; fast moving, quirky and funny. As I looked across at the RICies (that’s what I’m calling them now), it was great to see genuine joy. Brace yourselves, sincerity alert, the kids have really formed a community out here in the wild West, it does kind of remind even the most sarcastic teacher why teaching these children is so brilliant.

Anyway – enough of that nonsense. Eden Project, surfing and pizza tomorrow…

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  1. I’m loving these blog posts. Fab light entertainment… giggling lots! I hope all those RICies know how lucky they are. What a cool trip. I’m so jealous!

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