Cornwall Odyssey

After much anticipation the day of departure finally arrived; the excitement in Piglet’s Pantry was tangible. Rather than adopt the mantra of “pack what you need” most students chose to pack what they didn’t need; mainly snacks, towels and Lynx. Some students chose to bring suitcases which were actually taller than them; parents acting like Sherpas climbing Everest hauled these luggage leviathans up the hill often without a word of thanks, leaving breathless and exhausted whilst their progeny mingled like excitable puppies.

Then the coach. Oh the coach!! The first 4 hour stage can only be described as a staccato foray around the motorways of Kent; no matter how many lanes are added the M25 will always be an exercise of running in treacle. Once we did get moving the steady 62 mph adopted by the driver meant that Alex (Science) had plenty of time for a D&D (Dungeons and Dragons – who knew?) tournament, whilst I enjoyed the dubious pleasure of listening to a rendition of “Shallow” by an unnamed Year 7; it was like Bradley Cooper was sitting next to me…. sort of.

Gordano sounds like the name of a Super Villain; actually it is a service station in Bristol and the site of our first stop. The coach was surprisingly quiet after the food break and with a following wind we arrived safe and sound at the Eden YHA at 4:30. I think I only heard the question “Leighton – when are we going to get there?” about 57 times during the journey… it’s still ringing in my ears.

Eden project tonight – I’ll keep you posted”.

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  1. I think it’s more a question of how many foot long subs can my son consume!?!

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