Studying Starlight

On 21st March, Physics and Astronomy students from year 11 and 12 visited the Greenwich Observatory to take part in various workshops and attend a Planetarium show. After a look around the Weller galleries, they attended a Galaxies and Cosmology masterclass led by an enthusiastic PHD student, with demonstrations and a lively Q&A session! This was followed by a Studying Starlight workshop where the students learnt more about the light spectra we receive from stars and how they help us understand what those stars are made of which tied in nicely with the main event – the Planetarium show. The show covered our Solar System, Galaxies, The Universe and everything in between, with students and staff enraptured throughout. We then finished the day with a photo opportunity at the Greenwich Meridian Line, from which all time zones are calculated, and a quick visit to the UK’s largest refracting telescope. The whole day provided an excellent addition to the work our Physics and Astronomy students are currently doing, as well as being a great learning experience for all!

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