RIC Filmmakers Award

RIC Filmmakers have won a trophy for their filmmaking skills in the Bank of England’s BANK, CAMERA, ACTION Film Competition.

Four Year 7 students accepted the challenge to make a fun and creative film around the theme of ‘Money in the Future’ for the national competition.

The young filmmakers came up with the idea of the ‘Fair Share Note’, an idea where people can make a donation to those less fortunate or in need of financial help.  

The judges were clearly impressed and said “ we enjoyed watching your entry, and were impressed by the students’ filmmaking skills in particular. The fact that students produced such a creative film is a great credit to them and they should feel very proud. The judges would like to single your video out for an honourable mention”

The filmmaking team received a trophy and certificates in recognition of their innovative contribution and  hard work.

Keep your eyes peeled for forthcoming films from other members of RIC Filmmakers!

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