Winning staff at RIC

Joint Head of Year 12, Ian Duxbury – winner of this weekend’s 24 hour ultramarathon at Samphire Hoe, a nature reserve created from 4.9 million cubic metres of chalk marl from the Channel Tunnel excavations on the coast of Kent, near Dover. Rather impressively, he completed the time running a staggering 104 miles!
Ian has been training for this event by running 10-12 miles each weekday before lessons, longer distances at the weekends and a recent 53 mile training run from Herne Bay to Rochester put him in good stead to tackle the big race with confidence. With check points every four miles to refuel and a much needed Domino’s pizza at 2am, Ian battled the 40 mph headwinds to return the victor! He is planning to achieve his goal of 115 miles in his next race in Suffolk later in the year.

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