Classics Trip to Rome

At the end of January Alistair D and Antonella took 11 GCSE and A level Classical Civilisation trip to Rome.

‘Going to Rome with the school was an experience I will never forget; I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to explore this unique city. What really amazed me was that you could be walking down a normal city street and suddenly a Roman ruin would appear as if out of nowhere. I developed my knowledge and appreciation of Roman culture and its influence on our society today. My favourite site that we visited was the Colosseum and we were so lucky to be staying just around the corner from this incredible structure. What shocked me about the Colosseum was that you could see the difference in colouration caused by pollution on the arches. I hope to visit Rome again in the future and explore it further with my friends who made this trip even better!’

Millie, Year 10

See pics from the trip here

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